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All Natural Vitamin E Stick - .15 ounce - Vitamin E


Sometimes you want efficiency. Or if you're like me, it's all efficiency all the time. The Plain Old Vitamin E Stick, is efficiency tubed. It's got what you want - moisture, and it's form can be used to apply anywhere - lips, face, bellybutton - wherever.

It offers excellent emollient benefits. Important lubrication to area under eyes which has no oil glands. For lips, helps fight chapping and lip dryness. Convenient lipstick type container for easy travel and application.

My vitamin e stick contains only all natural soy bean oil, candellila wax, beeswax, castor oil and vitamin e.

When the weather is warm, simply stick your vitamin e stick in the frig or freezer to harden it up.

***Please be aware of the ingredients listed in this product for any type of allergic reaction you may have.
Also due to regulations set forth by the FDA, Au Naturelle does not make claims about the cosmetic products for sale, merely benefits of the ingredients included in the product.***

Shrink wrapped for sanitary purposes.

Thank you for looking!