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Making All Natural Products For A Better You and A Better Planet

I started by making all natural soap the old fashioned way (cold process) when I realized what was actually in the soaps for sale in the stores.

As my research progressed, I realized just how laden with chemicals all products that we use daily on our faces and bodies are. I researched more and more to find that I could create safe, all natural products to use for facial and body cleansing using essential oils, natural oils and butters. Many oils are natural preservatives, so no need for artificial preservatives. Bees wax and olive oil are basic ingredients in many of my products. 

I have introduced essential oil scented soy candles to my line of products. Scented using only essential oils, no fragrant oils. I also have soy candles fragranced with fragrant oils too for more of a variety in scents.

I hope by offering a safer, all natural way to cleanse your face and body and scent your home, I help to create a cleaner, safer world for all of us to enjoy.

You can now purchase some of my products at these fine locations the Flying A NYC, Niche Urban Garden Supply in Boston, and a private spa in Los Angeles, California. I am also very proud to have been chosen as one of five top editor`s choice shops on Etsy In Womens Health Magazine`s April Issue.